C-PACE Alliance Activities

C-PACE Alliance (CPA) focuses on the interests of C-PACE stakeholders. Nationally, the C-PACE industry continues to evolve with new variations in program design and new applications of C-PACE. CPA’s role is to offer practitioner expertise in translating the potential of C-PACE financing tool into practice.

CPA serves as a forum to set priorities and direct action that supports the advancement of the C-PACE industry.

CPA’s major activities are:

  • To develop industry white papers in C-PACE program design and implementation.
  • To offer technical assistance to state and local governments and program administrators on C-PACE statutes, program guidelines and legal documentation.
  • To support models of program administration that serve the industry efficiently and effectively.
  • To organize seed funding for these activities where appropriate.

Successful C-PACE programs depend on many stakeholders – state and local government, program administrators, capital providers, transaction experts, energy contractors and more. The C-PACE Alliance strategically draws on the input of these experts in developing its products and initiatives.