Twain Financial Partners, C-PACE financing

The Armory Building in Midtown St. Louis sat vacant for many years until Green Street Real Estate Ventures redeveloped the property into an entertainment venue, breathing new life into the community. The Armory was built in 1938 for the Infantry National Guard. Over the years, the 250,000 SF space was home to the St. Louis Tennis Club, bowling tournaments, sports leagues, and concerts. After a $60 million renovation, the Armory is now a venue for people to gather, eat, drink, and play. Significant efficiency measures to the building’s envelope, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing will save more than $43 million. Furthermore, the Armory is expected to bring 400 new jobs to the area. The nomination recognized the Missouri Energy Initiative as program administrator and Twain Financial Partners as the capital provider.

The Armory, St. Louis, MO
Missouri Energy Initiative, program administrator

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